Campsite with animal park in Morbihan

Campsite with animal park in Morbihan

What could be better than a campsite with a mini-farm in Morbihan to reconnect with nature during your holidays in Brittany? Discover the Moulin de Cadillac animal park, a place of discovery and relaxation much appreciated by families, in the midst of a host of animals, each more adorable than the next.

A campsite where animals are king

If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place where you and your children can share cuddly moments, head for the small animal park at our campsite **** Le Moulin de Cadillac!

In a natural and rural setting, all the animals are free to roam around, or in semi-liberty in their fenced enclosure. Most of the park's residents are from our regions. Others come from further afield, but adapt very well to our mild Breton climate.
In direct contact with the animals, this small universe offers a great opportunity to spend cuddly moments with the family. It is both a space for relaxation and leisure that is different from the ordinary and a playful place of learning for children.

It is well known that children love farm animals!

Don't animals need a little company? Of course they do. So don't hesitate to come and meet them! This is an opportunity to get to know the farm animals, to observe them, to pet them and to better understand their way of life!

You and your children will be able to meet calves, cows and Vietnamese pigs, but also dwarf goats, Jacob sheep, a pony, a donkey from Poitou, llamas from Peru, among many others... On the farmyard side: hens, turkeys, pheasants, pigeons, colourful peacocks, and many more!

The top 5 animals in the park

Without wishing to show favouritism, as our animals are all very endearing, here are some of our most popular residents with families.

1. The pony

They are the children's favourite friend! It has to be said that ponies have a way with children. Gentle, affectionate and very close to humans, they are very friendly with children.

2. Goats

The goat is not only touching, it is also very curious and often funny, especially when it does antics. It will always come to you to ask for a few caresses.

3. Sheep

Sheep are affectionate, very gentle animals, although a bit shy. It's up to you to gain its trust! It is also a real little mower on legs that helps us to clear the park!

4. The llamas

The llama is said to be moody and spitting. However, this little camelid from Peru is a very social and docile domestic animal that is easy to pet.

5. Chickens

No farm without chickens! There are many chickens in the park, of different breeds. They allow us to have good fresh eggs, and from time to time a few chicks that the children love to see growing up.

And you, which holiday companion will be your favourite?

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