Camping near Guérande

Camping near Guérande

Guérande: City of salt and history 45 minutes from the campsite

The beautiful Guérande welcomes you after a short drive to offer you a splendid landscape of greenery and water. When we talk about Guérande, we usually think of its famous salt. This speciality is harvested in the many salt marshes found in the southern part of the commune. The gustatory properties of this salt and flower of salt have been proven. These condiments are renowned and are used by the greatest star chefs.

The rich heritage of Guérande

The town of Guérande was one of the cities of the Dukes of Brittany in the same way as Nantes. This influence has had a great influence on the architecture and general atmosphere of the town. As you stroll along the narrow streets, you will appreciate the medieval atmosphere. Discover the ramparts of the town and the elegant restaurants, museums, terraces etc. During your stopover in Guérande, you will be captivated by the life that emanates from the traditional architecture.

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