Camping near Guérande

Camping near Guérande

In the south of Brittany, 45 minutes from the campsite Le Moulin de Cadillac, Guérande is famous for its medieval city, its ramparts and its salt marshes. Every year, the 'Carcassonne of the West' attracts over a million visitors. Discovery.

The medieval city of Guérande, its ramparts and its historical treasures

Between the Brière, the salt marshes and the ocean, the beautiful medieval town of Guérande welcomes you after a short journey to offer you a journey through history. Labelled a Town of Art and History since 2004, Guérande has survived the centuries sheltered by its black granite ramparts, behind which lies a remarkable historical heritage.

The fortified walls of Guérande are one of the best preserved in France and the most complete in Brittany, as evidenced by the more than one kilometre long ramparts and the imposing Porte Saint-Michel. Built in the 15th century, this monumental tower was the main entrance to the fortified town. It now houses a museum dedicated to the history of Guérande. The walk on the ramparts allows you to get a bit of height, offering an unobstructed view of the medieval city.

While strolling through the narrow streets of the inner city, you will not fail to look up to admire the timber-framed houses, the granite mansions, the sculpted decorations, pediments and dormer windows decorated with interlacing. Located in the heart of the town, the collegiate church of Saint-Aubin is one of the most emblematic places in the "Breton Carcassonne". This remarkable architectural ensemble houses an imposing church in flamboyant Gothic style and the Notre-Dame-la-Blanche chapel, where the peace treaty between the King of France and the Duke of Brittany was signed in 1381.

If you feel like taking a break, take advantage of the terraces, bars and restaurants in the inner city to relax. During the summer, street performances, concerts, exhibitions and craft markets enliven the historic heart of the city. Has the medieval city revealed all its secrets to you? Go and discover the salt marshes, the other wealth of Guérande. A city of history... and salt!

Guérande and its salt marshes

When we talk about Guérande, we generally think of its famous salt. Known worldwide for its salt marshes, the Guérande peninsula has built its wealth on the salt trade, particularly the very delicate fleur de sel. Guérande salt is harvested by hand in the salt marshes on the southern part of the peninsula.

At the Pradel site in Guérande, in the heart of the salt marshes, the salt workers of the "Les Salines de Guérande" cooperative (Terre de Sel) offer guided tours of the salt marshes with a naturalist guide. There is a shop where you can buy products from the marshes (salt, fleur de sel, salted caramels, creams, essential oils, soaps, etc.). To discover the age-old secrets of white gold, you can also visit the Maison des Paludiers located in the typical village of Saillé, in the commune of Guérande.

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