Camping near La Roche-Bernard

Camping near La Roche-Bernard

La Roche-Bernard, a small town of character in Morbihan

You may have already heard of La Roche-Bernard, its Old Quarter and its marina, but have you ever had the opportunity to visit it? Your camping holiday in Morbihan will give you the opportunity to discover this charming town between Vannes and Nantes.

La Roche-Bernard, enter the legend!

As its name suggests, La Roche-Bernard is situated on a rocky promontory. According to legend, it also owes its name to a Viking chief, Bern Hardt ("strong as a bear") who, at the end of the 10th century, became aware of the defensive potential of this site overlooking the Vilaine. Once you arrive at La Roche Bernard (about 20 minutes from the campsite), a stroll through the town is a must, especially around the Place du Bouffay where you will find the Maison du Canon (now the Town Hall). Contemplate the old houses, and the Notre-Dame chapel dating from the 16th century, and stroll through the flowery lanes of the Old Quarter. In the heart of the village, you will discover the superb creations of the craftsmen (pottery, glass, ceramics...). The materials and techniques are varied, and you will have the chance to contemplate their exceptional work as well as to exchange with passionate artists. Are you visiting La Roche-Bernard with young children? They will surely love the little tourist train and its commented tour around the town. A nice way to discover the town during your camping holiday in Southern Brittany.

A marina and activities for relaxation

The port of La Roche-Bernard is the starting point for a number of pleasant walks, such as the bridge circuit. You can cross the pedestrian bridge under the Morbihan bridge and enjoy an exceptional view of the city and the Vilaine. The river also hosts a number of water sports activities such as stand up paddle, sailing, canoeing and electric boats. Why not allow yourself a few hours of cruising for lovers, family or friends on board an old sailing boat such as the Morwenna or with the Vedettes Jaunes? You can also take a gourmet break on a restaurant boat or enjoy the "land-based" restaurants and savour typical regional dishes of Brittany. Speaking of gastronomy, don't miss the Thursday morning market from 8am to 1pm, which is surprisingly large and well stocked for a town of this size! Finally, the site of the Rocher and its two cannons (remains of the ship Le Juste) are a must for your visit to La Roche-Bernard, here you will have a beautiful view of the river and its bridges. The camera (or mobile phone) is highly recommended to immortalise this beautiful memory of your camping holiday in the Morbihan.

Cultural life in La Roche-Bernard

During a day trip to La Roche-Bernard you can visit the Vilaine Maritime museum in the Basses-Fosses castle. You will learn more about the maritime activity of this river over the centuries, and you will have the opportunity to admire many period objects as well as superb models of ships such as the warship La Couronne. Another fun visit: La Maison de l'Abeille (free admission) where you will meet a friendly beekeeper well known in the region. A trip that can end with a gourmet visit thanks to the honey shop and its agricultural products. Finally, if you are in the area on the first weekend of August, go to the Festival de Garennes, a musical event not to be missed during your holidays in Morbihan!

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